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Custom Glassware

M5 Scientific Glassblowing Inc. has the

experience and equipment 

necessary to fabricate your custom or OEM  precision fused quartz glassware.  M5 fused quartz fabrication products meet or exceed all industry standards for physical, thermal, chemical, mechanical and electric properties.  A high-temperature heating process that can be used for lamp bodies, resizing, making of manifolds, and thermodynamic processing of fabricated tube whether prototypes by shape, size, diameters and lengths.  

M5 offers

 custom sizes

of test tubes, crucibles, crucible lids, fused quartz rod beads, tubing beads, evaporating dishes, quartz round dishes, adapters and ampoules.  If possible, please send a CAD drawing, sketch or print with dimensions and tolerances, (inside diameter, outside diameter and joint size) quantity needed and we can provide an estimate for the piece or pieces needed.  

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For an Estimate 

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