M 5   Scientific  Glassblowing  Inc.

M5 Scientific Glassblowing specializes in the fabrication of fused quartz apparatus through many processes.  This can be accomplished through many different techniques which  can include but is not limited to glass blowing, diamond saw cutting, fine diamond edge grinding, laser cutting, frosting or etching with silicon carbide sand and fire polishing.  These techniques have been used to provide superior glass blowing services for many scientific applications and industries such as chemistry, physics, life sciences, fiber optics and research.
M5 Scientific Glassblowing is able to produce many different products either in individual custom pieces, mass production or repairs.  Whether you need 1 or 1000 we can meet your needs.  We are here to provide our customers with superior customer service.

  Some companies just say it.  We do it.

706-C Performance Road

Mooresville, NC 28115